True Son of Hermes

Our compliments go out to Hermetick Artist Nigel Jackson for his continued illumination of the Hermetick Gnosis.
The Emblem Tradition is honoured by the excecution of sacred arcana by this True Son of Hermes. While his tome; Celestian Magic, remains an asset to the practicing *stellar wizard/ess* we would also like to point out his new title;

Fortuna’s Wheel: The Mysteries of Medieval Tarot

The expositions upon the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana express traditional iconography and show a masterful grasp of esoteric lore. Jackson has also provided a tarot timeline [1400 – 1800] that discusses playing card variants and regional influences. But the emblemata speak for themselves and fall squarely into the Royal Art of the Wise – the whole being a veritable ‘treasure house of images’.

Ingenuity and devotion to the Ageless Wisdom is manifest in Nigel – no new age ignoramus or puffer here.
It is refreshing that a contemporary and traditional magister is willing to share his works with the rest of the occult community. Check out his books – they are worth their weight in gold.

Nigel also makes talismanic images for Christopher Warnock’s comprehensive website: Renaissance Astrology where more information about this Artist-Mage may be had.