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Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum

Book launch in two cities.

The Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum is an important collection of English Alchemical poetry compiled by Elias Ashmole in 1652. Gathering together many manuscripts previously unpublished, Ashmole made extensive and centuries-spanning alchemical knowledge available to English readers.  The Ouroboros Press edition has been four years in the making and has included the work of many hands in order to manifest a new corrected edition based on Ashmole’s original errata materials. The type has been completely re-set in a beautifully designed text while still holding to the sensibilities of a renaissance aesthetic.

Ouroboros Press director William Kiesel will give a brief talk about Elias Ashmole’s alchemical classic and discuss its relevance in book arts, literary, and historical contexts. Copies of the new book will be available for sale and one copy of the Golden Chain of Homer broadside will be given gratis to people who purchase the book at the launch.

Seattle: Saturday 17 March 7:30 pm

Art Space Hiawatha Lofts

In addition to a brief talk about the TCB by William Kiesel, there will also be a set of live music performed by King Dude at 9pm.


San Francisco: Thursday 22 March 7:30 pm

Fields Bookstore


All binding styles; cloth, leather and vellum editions will begin shipping March 28.

Thank you!

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