Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes is the shortest and the most famous of all the Alchemical texts throughout the history of the Royal Art. Its influence on the practitioners of alchemy is evident in their writtings, art and laboratory processes as well. Ouroboros Press has employed the black art of letterpress by commissioning Heavenly Monkey to print this classic text on handmade paper utilising an antique printing press.

The paper, which was made specifically for this broadside, was wrought by the hands of Vancouver B.C. papermaker Reg Lissel. Our pressman, Rollin Milroy selected; Centaur, a significant and beautiful typeface designed by the American typedesigner Bruce Rogers. Printed in Red and Black, each letter handset, the broadside is also crowed by an Alchemical Emblem depicting aspects of the Magnum Opus. With ample 3 inch borders and quality workmanship this broadside is ready to frame and will be an asset to any library or laboratory.

Letterpress printed Emerald Tablet: $40.00 + postage [$8.00 in the US / $12.00 overseas].

Produced in the very limited quantity of 100 copies only [many were pre-sold]. We still have a few available, contact us if you would like to order one. ouroboros @ bookarts .org