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Seven Hermetic Principles Class

The first in an ongoing series of classes on Hermetic Qabalah, The Seven Hermetic Principles introduces students to cosmological principles observed on the path of Western Esoteric Magic. William Kiesel outlines the Seven Principles and explains how each function individually and in concert in the context of Hermetic Qabalah. The Ageless Wisdom advises seekers to ‘Know Thyself’ and the study of Hermetic Qabalah offers explicit avenues of research in both principle and practice.

The class focuses on the Seven Hermetic Principles but also outlines the symbol system of the Qabalah, Tarot and the practices of Ritual Magic. References and study materials will be provided. The class functions as a unique module that stands on its own, though students interested in the ongoing series will find information that will serve them on their continuing journey of the Magnum Opus.

Class Fee is $25 and requires reservation. Seating is limited.

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William Kiesel has been a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah for three decades and is known for his ability to clearly express the abstract ideas found in esoteric traditions. William is the proprietor of Mortlake & Company and the publisher at Ouroboros Press.