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Ritual Gesture as expressed by Anima Nocturna

The Occult Photography of Carlos Melgoza

We are pleased to be offering these integral images of ritual gesture

in a set of two prints.

LUX=NOX Occult Photography

Deriving from the western esoteric tradition, LVX & NOX Signs fall into a fascinating repertoire of ritual gestures and postures, mudras and asanas which can also be found in Tantra, internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, and dance such as Butoh. In this specific case the subjects are actual butoh dancers from the Seattle troupe Danse Perdue,  given the physical quality of their work they were chosen due to their ability to embody the respective nature of the signs. In Tai Chi they first teach the form or frame,  so that one knows how to stand so the energy is flowing. The sign itself is what defines the power. The signs are potent enough to also experience the power of the sign in a meditative space. Sacred postures are thought of as structural conduits of subtle energy. The different ritual postures which one shapes one’s body into conduct specific kinds of energy. The way forces are shaped defines how they act in manifestation. This relates to the magical gestures, the asanas, and especially the god-forms embodied in such ritual postures as the LVX NOX signs. In one form of the meditation these signs represent the totality of the universe as expressed in light and shadow. The totality felt through the flesh.


LVX = NOX Prints

We are offering these two posters of the LVX and NOX Signs as a set.

Practical reference presented artfully and ready for framing.
TWO aprox. 11 x 18 inch Posters. $26.00

Sold Out

About the Anima Nocturna LVX = NOX images

The LVX = NOX series of images were originally produced by Carlos Melgoza as silver gelatin mural prints and presented at the 1st annual Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, Washington. The nine mural prints were displayed in the form of scrolls, likening their presentation to that of Tibetan tankas. As images representative of ritual postures, the large format lends itself to visual explication in a striking way. More than merely didactic representations of the signs, the subjects manifest the force behind the forms which the gestures are meant to embody. Esoteric imagery is rarely made by the hands of those experienced both in the arts and ritual practices themselves, and in the case of photography the task is all the more difficult to master. Melgoza has demonstrated that in his fifteen plus years as an occult image maker that he can bring such experience through, be it via portraiture or composite representation and the LVX = NOX images do not disappoint.

A select number of works by Melgoza are available for sale on this website in the Art Magical section here.


AT LEFT: 2009 Anima Nocturna Studio. Carlos Melgoza at work on the LVX = NOX Scrolls.


Carlos wrote an essay entitled Hiding Mysteries in Plain Sight: The Emergence of Occult Photography in History and Practice which was featured in CLAVIS 2: The Cloister Perilous available via the CLAVIS WEBSITE.