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Ilm al-Raml: Science of the Sand

As an elucidation on the mystery and method of Geomancy, this broadsheet contains a circular chart that reveals a modern set of talismanic geomantic symbols. The chart also informs the geomancer on the elemental, planetary and zodiacal correspondences (conforming to Agrippa’s ideas on planetary rulership). The upper half shows the diurnal figures and the lower half the nocturnal. The Arabic words in the center of the circle; Ilm-al Raml, translates to the Science of the Sands. This broadsheet, a precursor to the book on Geomancy by Kiyan Fox, is quite useful for all collectors and students of Geomancy.

12 x 18 inches. Hand-screened on heavy art paper-stock in an edition of just 100 copies. $10.00 + postage.