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Fixed Stars: Their Mechanics, Uses & Lore

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Spend an evening at Mortlake learning about fixed stars with Dr. Jenn Zahrt. This course will cover the main approaches to working with fixed stars, from the Ptolemaic projection onto the ecliptic to the dynamic movement of parans. We will discuss the lore of some of the most popular fixed stars, and propose ways to use the stars to time certain events, both magical and mundane. After attending this course, you’ll be more fluent in the multi-dimensionality of fixed stars and have new strategies for incorporating them into your practices.

Anyone who desires to have their personal stars discussed as a part of teaching technique in class is advised to contact Mortlake with birth data (exact time, date, place) at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

Jenn has been working with fixed stars for the past seven years of her two decades of experience with astrology. The image above is a screenshot from the opening scene of the 1920 film “Golem,” which is one of the only surviving German expressionist films featuring the magical use of astrology.

Time: Thursday 20 July – 7:00 – 9:00pm

Event Fee: $20.00 Limited to 20 participants.

Reserve your place by purchasing tickets here.