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Occult Arts, Letters & Experience


ClavisVol4-219x300  VOLUME 4

Cover by Madeline VonFoerster • ‘The Green Key’ as an invocation of the Viriditas • New images by Robert Stephen Connett • Articles in The Green Key include an analysis of Picatrix incense formulae by Catamara Rosarium • ‘Polyphasic Consciousness’, by Lee Morgan with art from Marzena Ablewska • ‘A Casket of Green Poyson, Newly Open’d’ by John Maplet, with art by Santiago Caruso • Art and alchemy by Dale Pendell • Daniel A. Schulke’s ‘The Spirit Meadow’ • Considerations of plant life cycles in the Magical Garden by Harold Roth • The lore of the Elder tree, by Corinne Boyer • ‘Curse the Eyes of the Thief’ by Fredrik Eytzinger • ‘Marqunis’ Amulet’, a previously unpublished alchemical poem by Ibn Umail, newly translated by Darius Klein • Additonal art by Johnny Decker Miller, Santiago Caruso, Andrzej Masianis, Janelle McKain, Liv Rainey Smith, Tom Allen, John Kleckner and Marlene Seven Bremner.

Standard Edition — $40 – 112 pages, Softcover, sewn, heavy stock, full color illustrations.

Clavis cover 3rd ed 1.indd


Cover by Miriam Escofet • ‘Through the Gate of Horn: Occult Fiction and the Primordial Image’ by Richard Gavin • The Esoteric Images of Scott Finch • ‘The Triangular Manuscript of the Count of St. Germain’, by Nick Koss • Art by K Lenore Siner • ‘Powers Secured and Sealed: Miraculous Rings in Occult Praxis’ by William Kiesel • ‘The Call of Fire: The Hermetic Quest of René Schwaller de Lubicz’ by Aaron Cheak, PhD • Stuart Südekum’s essay on the hidden Tarot of A.E. Waite ‘The Secret Tradition in Silence’ • Art Conservator Derek Elmore writes of his work with the images of Austin Osman Spare ‘The Conservation of A Modern Mystic’ • Art by Claudia Avila • Andrew Larson’s ‘Opening the Oracular Eye: Bowl and Lamp Divination in the Greek and Demotic Magical Papyri • Images by Joe MacGown • Fredrik Eytzinger’s ‘The Incarnation of Denis Lindbohm’ • John Major Jenkins writes of the Astrotheology and Magical Invocations in a 7th century Mayan text • Additional works on alchemy, ancient astrology, and more.

Standard Edition — $40 – 192 pages, Softcover, sewn, heavy stock, full color illustrations.

Clavis cover 2nd ed 1.inddVOLUME 2

Cover by Tom Allen • ‘Our Lady Babalon and Her Cup of Fornications” by Gordan Djurdjevic • Austin Coppock’s “Death From Above”Adepts of the magical order Fraternitas Saturni present ‘Listening to the Voice of Silence’, accompanied by the artwork of Albin Grau and Hagen von Tulien •  ‘Rite of the Graal Evolute’, a previously unpublished ritual by Andrew D. Chumbley. • Traditional witch Gemma Gary invokes Bwcca in arresting image, rite and magical exposition. • Henrik Bogdan considers the esoteric role of Secrecy, the very flower of the Occult itself, as it relates to secret societies. • Lloyd Graham writes of the magical talismans of Arabian magic • Aaron Picirillo examines magical self-fashioning • ‘Unity and Division’ by Robert Hull • Michael Howard’s essay ‘Masonic Mysteries of Tubal-Cain’ • Several rare occult texts relating to cheiromancy, natural magic, witchcraft and lore.

Standard Edition — $40 – 216 pages, Softcover, sewn, heavy stock, black and white and full colour illustrations.



Cover by Tomasz Kopera • Sir Ripley’s Vision of the Toad, illustrated by Joseph Uccello • Introduction: Of Keys, Locks, and Doors • Art by Jake Baddeley, Ben Tolman, Tom Allen, Sasan, Rima Staines, Benjamin Vierling, Mitchell Nolte and Paco Dietz • One Beyond Twelve by Martin Duffy • Beyond the Paths of Frustration: Daath Gnosis by Craig Williams • A Treatise of Mercury and The Philosopher’s Stone by Sir George Ripley • Shaddai’s Gate: Passing Through the Dream-Door of the Moon by Frater A.I. • The Commonplace Book of Francis Grosvenor by Ben Fernee • Conjunction – Black Sun, Black Moon by Edward Kelley • Diablo Stigmata: Considerations of the Witch’s Mark by Daniel A. Schulke • Entreaty of Cain retold by Charles Godfrey Leland • Nebiros et Ars Necromantica by Johnny Jakobsson • Occult Aesthesis: Toward an Esoteric Theory of the Art Object by Tom Allen.

Standard Edition — $40 – 80 pages, Softcover, heavy stock, with black and white and full colour illustrations. Limited to 1,300 copies.