Picatrix Volume Two

Dear Friends,

I receive frequent inquiries regarding the status of volume two of the Picatrix and I am happy to report that the translation has finally been completed. This means that the book is now in the editorial stage of development and will move into production very soon.

Volume two contains the 3rd and 4th books of Ghayat Al-Hakim and will complete the English translation. It is a larger book than volume one and contains much in the way of the practical working of astral and talismanic magic. Planetary and Zodiacal magic and full instructions for invoking the related spirits are provided along with all the requisite materials needed; stones, plants, inks, colors, incenses, talismans and the invocations.

In addition to this are many anecdotes relating to Arabic and pre-Islamic magical lore, including the writings of Ibn Wahshija, the Nabateans, Sabians, Chaldeans and Assyrians. Of particular note is the magical plant and mineral lore from the Nabatean Agriculture, which portray ancient practices of pagan Iraq.

The influence of the Picatrix can be seen in several texts of well-known authors of the western esoteric tradition, including Ficino, Mirandola, Abano and Agrippa, whose works have played a major role of forming contemporary manifestations of the esoteric tradition today.

The contents of volume two follow:

Picatrix: Ghayat Al-Hakim
The Goal of the Wise
Ouroboros Press (c) 2007

Volume Two Contents

Book III

1. The Fortunes of Planets from Three Generating Origins

2. The Fortunes of Constellations

3. The Life of Planets, Their Shapes, their Incense, and their Garments. The Views of Constellations Which Influence Magic Work, the Characteristics of the Regions Tangential to the Planets, and the Characteristics of the Countries

4. The Secrets Known to Those Who Are Profoundly Versed in Science

5. Certain Excerpts of Animals’ Characteristics and How to Call Spirits with the Aid of Planetary Configurations

6. The Art of Calling Spirits Known as the Perfect Nature, According to Aristotle and Hermes, and the Meaning of Talismans and Its Appearance

7. Calling Planetary Forces by Rising Up and Exchanging Secret Conversations with Them and Sharing with Them the Effects of Actions by Using Words, Offering Sacrifices, Making Supplications, and Producing Incense, as well as by Using Astrological Ratios as Explained in the Sabian School of Thought

8. Glorifying the Astrological Potential of the Sun and Saturn and How to Secretly Converse with Them

9. Calling Planetary Forces Individually, the Spiritual Names of the Forces Placed Beside the Six Directions and Using Them in Accordance with Aristotle’s Instructions

10. Weaving Spiritual Magic and a Vehicle to Repel the Harmful Effects of Actions as Presented in Aristotle’s and Hermes’ works in Magical Talisman operations, by Using Foods, Incense, Perfume, and Ointment, and Decoding Their Effects from the One to Which They Were Attached

11. Different Magical Talismans Work for Different Purposes as Taken from Former Scientist Works in Imagination, Reversing Perception and Conjuring Various Images According to the Desired Purpose. Magical Talismans to Put One to Sleep, to Make Him Motionless, to Kill Him, and to Neutralize Poisons

12. Scientific Recommendations and Enigmas

Book IV

1. Extending Illumination from the First Cause to Effects Below It. Talking About the True Essence of the Physical and Metaphysical Realities, the True Essence of the Mind, Its Sections and Reality, as well as the Truth of the Inner Life and Its Reality

2. Calling the Spirits and Forces of the Moon When it is New and as it Enters the Constellation as it Spreads its Forces on Earth, According to Some Kurdish and Abyssinian Schools. The Seven Day Fasts in Accordance with an Indian School of Thought

3. Some of the Copts’ Concealed Secrets and Some of their Symbols in This Regard

4. Exploring Some of the Most Important Works and Enigmas by Prominent Adepts in this Craft to be Used in Preventing its Outcome

5. Specifying the Ten Sciences Which Produced These Two Conclusions

6. Making Planetary Incense and the Vehicles Needed for This Principle is One of the Most Practical Secrets of India

7. Abu Bakr Ibn Wahshija’s Translation of Nabatean Magical Works and Talismans

8. Effects of Things are a Function of Their Characteristics

9. Special Components of Charms Taken from Various Books, Followed by Recommendations


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