Heptameron and Arbatel of Magick

This grimoire is devoted to the angels of the seven days with diagrams of circles, magical sigils and conjurations of the ceremonial art. Magical images of the planets engraved by Bernhard Maler [1482] and tables showing correct planetary hours are included. The Arbatel offers seven sepentaries of aphorisms of a kind of Theophrastical Magic. The initial groups of these aphorisms serve to introduce the Ritual of the Olympic Spirits, dwelling in the firmament and in the stars of the firmament, between whom the government of the world is distributed. Two volumes bound as one.

Translated by Robert Turner

Small octavo. Black cloth with gilt title and woocut decorative initials and completely re-set in Renaissance Fell Types designed by Johnathan Hoefler. Limited Trade Edition $40.00 USD.

Also available in Full Imperial Vellum [$225.00] and Full Goatskin Leather [$175.00] inquiries may be sent to ouroboros @ bookarts . org

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