Festina Lente Alchemical Series

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The Ouroboros Press release of Turba Philosophorum marked the beginning of a series of alchemical texts, which will continue to flow from the scriptorium here in the Emerald City. The series editor William J. Kiesel has selected these texts from among the corpus of alchemical and hermetic books which were in need of translation or simply unavailable to the public in recent decades. Two of the texts are penned by Count Michael Maier, who is perhaps best known for his Emblematic book; Atalanta Fugiens, while two others are collections by various authors. We are especially pleased to be producing a new corrected edition of Elias Ashmole’s magnum opus; Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum, the classic text on English Alchemical Poetry.

Festina Lente Alchemical Series

Mutus LiberThe Silent Book

Anonymous Texts
Turba Philosophorum
Aurifontina ChymicaFourteen Treatises on the First Matter

Count Michael Maier
Jocus SeverusFirst English Translation by Darius Klein
Lusus SeriusWith a critical introduction by Leigh Penman

Elias Ashmole
Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum
Corrected & Rectified Edition: A Treasure House of English Alchemical Poetry