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Daniel A. Schulke


Daniel Schulke is an artist working primarily in oil on canvas but pen & ink and bronze have also served as mediums for his work. Using the iconography of hermeticism, witchcraft and cults of spirit-possession, his images depict sensorial phantasmagoria arising from ecstatic states of magical practice. Since 2000 he has served as co-director of Xoanon Limited, sole publisher of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, a sodality of traditional witchcraft initiates in Britain and North America.











APOTROPAIOS by Daniel A. Schulke is an image drawn from the corpus of artwork made manifest for his recent book Idolatry Restor’d (Three Hands Press), and for his second book in the Gammaeas dyad (Xoanon Publishing). Both of these volumes consider different aspects of magical images and their making. Drawing on a deep reservoir of European magic as practiced by both magicians and the common people, the stela takes as its theme protection from fascination. Like the well-known SATOR-ROTAS-OPERA-AREPO square of antiquity, certain words, symbols, and images have long been thought to prevent the intrusion of malefic magic. Perhaps the most ancient forms of this type of image-magic is the overt and fetishistic representation of genitalia, and grotesques such as the Greek Gorgones. Such images were often found on or over portals and doorways, preventing the passage of malefactors and the uninvited. APOTROPAIOS aligns a multiplicity of such image-vectors for the presentation of a unified Arcanum of the Magical Sentinel.

Release Date: Late March


17 x 24 inches. Hand screened on gray art paper with black, ivory, green and gold inks.

Limited to 100 numbered copies. Although not shown in the sample photograph, each print is signed and numbered by the artist. $55.00


Per Via Novum Carnis Dei Regnum Enuntiabitur

‘The Theriomorph, or bestial human, is a magical construct of ancient origin, and is a frequent iconographic feature of European witchcraft. On its surface, we may understand its magical meaning to encompass the magical assumption of the spirit-attributes of the animal guardian. In the context of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition, the theriormorph bears the teaching that the Present Flesh is the sum entity of Aggregate Transcarnation. This may include the impress of animal genii, but also the powers proceeding from the Ancestral Throne of the Dead. This underscores the nature of the Body of Flesh as the Somatic Repository of Spirit-Wisdom, a vast Library of Knowledge which the sorcerer may access via Art. Magical assumption of these forms generates a field of consciousness often described as ‘Other’ and marked by transmogrifications of the senses into previously unknown vectors of gnosis.’

13″ x 18″, Letterpress in black and red ink on acid-free cotton paper.

Edition limited to 210 signed and numbered copies. Out of Print. $125.00