Back from Europe

Pictured above are the smiling visages of Robert Ansell of
Fulgur Limited and William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press – London 2008.

Robert was kind enough to meet with us and talk about the esoteric publishing industry [small world that it is]. The latest title about to emerge from Fulgur is The Valley of Fear and there will be a book release party at Treadwells Bookshop in Convent Garden, London July 15. Treadwells is truly a wonderful shop and the proprietress Christina is a jewel of a person who not only wields ample knowledge about esoteric books but also is an excellent hostess. Despite the effects of jetlag and a technical snafu the night of the talk on Magic Circles, it went off well and was well attended by London’s occult literati. Treadwells is certainly a destination in London, drop in and patronize them while there. Oh, I’d also like to mention that I found it intriguing that Nick Pelling, a Voynich Manuscript researcher, attended my talk in London. You can see his comments about the talk at Voynich News.

Meanwhile stops were made in Glastonbury [Labyrinth Books and Courthouse Books were quite friendly to us] as well as Amsterdam where the Conference Emblems, Magic and Hidden Knowledge was held at the University of Amsterdam. This was a full day of talks followed by a fascinating social night out on the city of canals. No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, where we consulted several alchemical works. Ouroboros Press will be publishing a book as a result of the conference sometime in 2009. We will update you when details are solidified.

The Deluxe Leather edition of Turba Philosophorum, hand-bound by Ars Obscura Bookbinding. Full burgundy leather with gilt title and Ouroboros device to front and rear boards. French marbled endsheets and silk ribbon bookmark. The Crowd of Philosophers in style. $135.00 + shipping.