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About the Press

“seriously exquisite and lavishly produced books on esotericism”

Alex Jovanovich; ARTFORUM

OUROBOROS PRESS is an independent publishing house largely supported by readers who appreciate not only the importance of classic texts but also the various crafts associated with book arts. Founded by William Kiesel, the press works with scholars, translators and artists to produce fine books in the field of Western Esotericism. Texts are classics in their field and often are presented in their first English translation. Discerning bibliophiles will appreciate these fine esoteric books, which have been made utilizing the aesthetic of Renaissance bookmakers. The typography, ornament, and illustrations reflect the quality of previous eras. The publisher has spared no effort in design or durability, even offering on request hand-bound volumes, in full leather, or vellum, from the magnificent studios of Ars Obscura Bookbinding. All our publications are issued in trade and limited editions and will add lasting value to the libraries of scholars and collectors alike.

Ouroboros Press Motto

 Ouroboros Press Logo & Motto

The ouroboros featured in our press mark is a dragon derived from a old Greek alchemical manuscript on gold-making attributed to Cleopatra. The original glyph circled a Greek phrase ‘En To Pan‘ or ‘All in All‘ intended as a reference to the One Matter from which the Philosopher’s Stone is composed. The serpent biting its tail is also a cosmological symbol of cycles and eternity and a hieroglyph of the alchemical formula Solve et Coagula. It shares in a singular dualism just as the alchemical REBIS, or two-thing found in the emblematic references related to the Chymical Wedding. It is in reference to this conjunctio that is expressed in the first half of the motto; Beauty in Union (wherein the serpent bites its own tail) as well as the Unity expressed by such a marriage, the second half of the motto, Genius in Solitude, expresses the nature of the Adept who has become one with the Stone of the Wise.

 Sev TCB Seattle launch

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