2010 Esoteric Book Conference

EBC administrators William J. Kiesel, Michael Kolson & Catamara Rosarium
In 2009 Ouroboros Press publisher William Kiesel founded the Esoteric Book Conference to provided a venue for scholars and contemporary exponents of esotericism to give talks, show esoteric art and most importantly hold a book fair where new and antiquarian books in the field could be showcased. The 2nd annual conference was a great success and it has now secured itself as an annual international event.
The presentation hall

JD Holmes offering books from several European publishers

Richard Kaczynski signing copies of the new edition of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley
Robert Ansell publisher at Fulgur & John Coughlin of Waningmoon browsing
Ros, Robert and Barry Hale

David Beth signing copies of Voudon Gnosis
Michael Staley from Starfire Publications

Charles Krafft browsing at Ajna Bound’s table

William greeting Clint Marsh publisher at Wonderella Printed
 The photographs were taken by Carlos Melgoza and the complete set may be viewed at the Anima Nocturna blog.