psaligraphy stack



The Occult Psaligraphy by Hagen von Tulien has been printed and the deluxe editions are in the process of being bound up.  Many of the subscriber’s copies have been shipped and the remaining copies will be delivered upon completion in the bindery. This book was greatly delayed by the printers and we are very grateful for all you readers who have shown patience while waiting for the release of this book.  With the late arrival of Occult Psaligraphy many readers are anticipating their copies in the mail. We are working hard to get all our orders out to clients and we humbly ask that you bear with us as we do our best to catch up. If you ordered books prior to August 15 your order will be shipped by September 1st if not before. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.



We are also quite busy with the preparations of the Esoteric Book Conference coming up September 6 & 7 at the University of Washington. Now in its 6th year, the EBC is host to many authors, publishers and artists working in the field of esotericism. We hope to see you all this Fall. For more information about the conference click here: